Friday, 5 February 2016

Risk and rewards can be inversely proportional - SURPRISED!

While each one of us have studied during school days that there is a direct relation between risks and rewards i.e. Greater the risks, greater the rewards.

At Rupaiya Exchange we wanted to do something different. We wanted to make this theory 'little' opposite - we wanted to come to a point where without taking any risks, there could be huge returns.

How is this possible? Read on....

With our peer-to-peer lending marketplace, our goal is to effectively and efficiently borrowers with lenders.

The platform has seen the rate of returns upwards of 20% (on an average) with maximum being 32%. Considering the rate of interest offered by FDs is at 8% or so (average) that's a huge upside. On the other hand the stock market offers healthy returns but the churns of volatility is not everyone's cup of tea!

So we spoke about the all looks ok till here.

Coming to risks - while someone may ask that these are collateral free/ unsecured personal loans - how come they are secure?

This is where Rupaiya Exchange offers its Principal Protection Plan - this means that while the loan contract is between the lender and the borrower; during the tenure of your outstanding loan to an individual, Rupaiya Exchange would guarantee that your principal amount is secured.

Hence your risks are limited or I would say negligible!

Considering the above and that the returns are actually inversely proportional to the risks - for an investor this is the best place to be.

My question to investor community is why look at something else? I wonder....what's the answer?

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