Monday, 25 January 2016

Celebrate your financial independence!

While this post had been apt on the Independence Day, rather than on Republic Day, lest if you get inspired it’s better to write rather than wait for the Day to come!

This piece is meant for people who are still ‘trapped’ in the 9 to 5 routine and have accepted that this would continue for the balance of their working life. For people who have already broken this shackle, hats off to you guys and I would like you to stand up and spread your story to all.

Some of you would be thinking as to how to achieve this financial independence or rather what this means?

I am not saying that being financially independent means having all the happiness in life. Being happy contains loads of other aspects and it depends on each individual, and a third party would never be able to comment on that.

Financial independence means creating an environment or structure which works for you and lets you pursue your dreams to being happy!

Let’s take two type of people in a society.

First, there are those set of people who are earning decent income (self-employed or salaried) and who can afford to save and invest some part of their income. Such set of people should look at creating multiple sources of passive income, by using their saving/ investment capacity. The goal should be to increase such sources (of passive income) to cover your expenses over time.

Structured and regular investments with a clear focus on goals can help you find the financial independence. This would help you to break the 9 to 5 routine sooner than later, and pursue your dreams, thus making you happy.

Another set of people exist, who fail to meet their ends (and hence continue to slog 9 to 5) or are not equipped with adequate resources to increase their income.

For such people, please try to reduce your expenses and look at increasing your savings and thus investments. If that is not possible, scout for people who can provide you resources to start actively earning a second source of income or to start something of your own, thus giving you a higher income.

Our goal, at Rupaiya Exchange, has been to bridge this gap in the society and help both strata attain their financial independence.

So on one hand there are people looking to invest money to earn some sort of passive income, while on the other hand there are some people looking to build or increase their businesses to ensure that their income is more than the expenses or simply to trade off high cost debt with a lower one.

We are existing to help meet both sections meet their goals!

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