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An Alternate Investment Asset

Today everyone understands the importance of financial planning. People these days are looking at multiplying returns on their investments to not only ensure that such returns beat inflation but also take them closer to the achievement of their goals. These goals short or long may include marriage, buying a house, child education or marriage, vacation or leading a happy retired life.

While there are multiple channels of investments ranging from gold to mutual funds, only a handful of people are exposed to an alternate asset class, Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P lending).
Peer-to-peer lending is a debt based investment asset with returns going as high as 30%.

In simple terms, in P2P lending an investor (lender) invests in an unrelated individual (borrower) through a P2P lending platform.

So what are the benefits of investing on a P2P lending platform?

With P2P lending the following advantages exist which give one a higher flexibility and returns on investments by lenders:

   High Rate of returns

   Fixed monthly cash flows

   Curated list of pre verified borrowers

   Possibility of diversification among borrowers

   All operational activities with respect to liaison outsourced to the P2P lending platform

While the above objectives are very much prevalent on any P2P platform, on Rupaiya Exchange for example you have the following other unique benefits of investing:

   Safety of Capital through Lender Protection Fund

The biggest advantage of lending is that there is 100% principal protection at all times. Hence, while you earn higher interest returns, one is assured that the principal amount is protected.

   No Registration Fees or Investment fees

There is no registration fees to be paid by the lenders and there are no investment fees payable to use the platform. Whatever the rate of return you bid for comes to you directly without any payout to the platform.

   Flexibility in the amount to be invested

The investment amount starts from as low as Rs. 1,000 thereby giving flexibility in diversification and spreading of risks.

 Considering the above, P2P lending as an alternate asset class should make sense since not only does this offer higher returns, the cost of investments also decreases.

@RupaiyaExchange is a virtual market place for Peer-to-Peer Lending.
Rohan Hazrati (@HazratiRohan) is the Founder of Rupaiya Exchange. He has worked across geographies and in his last assignment was the CFO and Managing Director of a multibillion dollar enterprise.
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P2P Lending has risks and may affect your capital
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